My name is Keith Fung. My pronouns are he/him. I’m a passionate full-stack developer currently based out of Maryland. I'm a proud father who loves pushing the envelope every night learning new tech and code. I tweet about programming, art, and sneakers. If you’re around the Baltimore and DC area, you’ll probably catch me at a meetup or rock climbing at the gym or out for a run.

I love helping out new developers find joy in programming. Feel free to reach out!


I’m currently happily employed and working fully remote for InfernoRed Technology . We have a great team of developers who build awesome software! Feel free to check us out and our partners and clients. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work on some awesome projects like a shark tracker for Shark Week with Discovery and on a mobile banking system for T-Mobile. Currently, I’m working with Microsoft on an open sourced project called ElectionGuard to help protect elections. I adore working in the open source community and helping developers.

My personal work and side projects are all on Github. Clone it or fork it, whatever meets your fancy. I’m really into the creative process of new designs and ensuring software is fun and accessible. I’ve coded in a bunch of different languages. Right now, I’m focused on python and typescript. However, I’m eager and always ready for a new challenge.